Tooth Contouring

I Hate it When Someone Calls Me Snaggletooth. How Can I Even Out My Smile?

Longer canines. Chipped edges. Teeth that have grown in unevenly. All of these cosmetic problems can not only be embarrassing, they can also make biting or chewing difficult and frustrating. Don’t worry. The uneven, rough, or interfering edges can be easily and quickly smoothed away with the help of our artful cosmetic dentists and tooth contouring.

In tooth contouring, we use a delicate, rotating file to remove areas where teeth are too long or do not match the profile of the surrounding teeth. It is dental work that requires a steady hand, an artful eye, and plenty of communication with you, the patient, so we can achieve exactly the results you have been looking for. Our gentle cosmetic dentists will always work from your personally approved treatment plan so you can leave your tooth contouring visit looking just the way you want to. No snaggle-teeth – just a beautiful, even smile you will immediately want to show off.

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