Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is more in-depth than your typical dental procedure, & normally requires local or general anesthesia, sedation & time for recovery.


While most of our patients don’t exactly look forward to oral surgery, they really don’t get too upset about it either. That’s because they know they can trust the Northcutt Dental team to treat them with compassion, make sure they are comfortable every moment, and use only the very best and most up-to-date dental surgery practices available today. Plus, it is comforting to know that almost any oral surgery you need can be completed in the Northcutt Dental office you already know, with a team you feel comfortable with.

Of course, the Northcutt Dental team does everything possible to help you keep your natural teeth for your lifetime, but sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. It may be necessary to remove a tooth when:

  • Periodontal disease is too advanced to save the tooth
  • Decay has advanced too far
  • A tooth is not strong enough to remain intact during root canal therapy
  • A tooth may be cracked or damaged and require extraction
  • Wisdom teeth need to be removed

We can replace the missing tooth (or teeth) with a dental implant, bridge, partials, or dentures. Simple extractions are gently completed in our office. If you need impacted wisdom teeth removed or major oral surgery, we will refer you to one of our trusted and reputable oral surgeons.