What’s the Best Way to Check for Cavities or Tooth Decay?

X-rays have always allowed medical professionals to get under your skin and see what is going on inside your bones or teeth. In dentistry, x-rays allowed your dentist to check for cavities, the first signs of abscess, failing dental fillings, and even check bone density. The problem was, traditional dental x-rays were black and white and not as clear as one might hope. In addition, they exposed our patients to more radiation than we would have liked. That’s why Northcutt Dental always uses digital x-rays along with digital panoramic x-rays for full scans. Digital x-rays are not only lower in radiation – a definite health benefit for your family – they are also larger, clearer and more detailed than traditional black and white film x-rays. Our digital x-rays give us a more precise look at the condition of your teeth almost immediately on a computer monitor, allowing us to diagnose problems earlier than ever before while also allowing us to save them for future reference in your digital patient files. What’s more, digital x-rays are better for the environment since they do not require paper or chemical developers. Digital x-rays are just another way Northcutt Dental invests in your health, comfort, and convenience.]]>