You may be so used to it, that you almost forget about it—pain in your neck, stiffness and soreness in your jaw, tension that seems a permanent part of your head, neck, and shoulders.

It’s possible that you are grinding your teeth at night, a problem that many people share. All that clenching and grinding at night can eventually erode the surface of your teeth and cause your bite and speech pattern to change and can even cause difficulty eating.

Nightly tooth grinding can be resolved very easily with nighttime mouth guards. Unlike ready-made or self-formed mouth guards, mouth guards from Northcutt Dental Practice are custom-fit and comfortable. Wearing them while you’re sleeping assures that your jaw will be more relaxed at night and you won’t grind your teeth while you’re wearing them.

If you think you’ve been grinding your teeth at night, relief can begin with a call to one of our three dental offices in Fairhope, Bay Minette, or Mobile. Your mornings can feel much better when you’ve had a comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep!

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