Uncomfortable? Inconvenient? At Northcutt Dental Practices in Fairhope, Bay Minette, and Mobile we do everything we can to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable, and as pain-free as possible for all of our procedures, from filling a cavity, to periodontal therapy, to…root canal treatment!

Why would I need a root canal?

The pulp and root canals of your tooth contain all the blood vessels and nerves that your tooth needs to thrive. If something happens to them, then bacteria can build up, and infection can set in.

How does Northcutt Dental perform root canal therapy?

First, we treat any infection and remove the damaged or diseased tissue, thoroughly cleaning out all bacteria, or debris. You may need time to heal, or in some cases, root canals can be completed in a day. The next step is to replace the tissue,  filling the root canals with a sealant so no bacteria can leak in and cause another infection.

Once the root canals have been filled, we’ll reinforce and protect your tooth by placing a porcelain crown over it. Our first priority is to preserve your natural tooth, and when the pulp is damaged, a root canal can be your best option.

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