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3 Key Things You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

When you have Northcutt Dental offices in Hoover, Helena, Fairhope, Cottage Hill, Bay Minette, and Semmes, you hear some of the same questions from patients each day.

One of the common  things people want to know is if there’s a difference between a cap and a crown. It turns out – they’re exactly the same thing. Whatever name you choose to use, these custom restorations are extremely helpful when you need to fix a missing or broken tooth.

Your Northcutt dentist will be able to assess your smile and determine if a crown is right for your situation and preferences. Here are three key things you need to know when considering how a dental crown can revive your smile:

  1. A crown is extremely versatile and beneficial to your smile.

Your crown or cap will be specially designed and created to fit perfectly with the rest of your smile. A custom crown from Northcutt Dental will return the natural shape, size, and function to your damaged tooth. Your dentist may recommend a crown for the one or more of these reasons:

  • You have a cavity that’s too large to fill
  • You need to cover a dental implant
  • You’ve got a tooth that is badly cracked, worn down, or weak
  • You’ve got a missing tooth and require a bridge to fix it
  1. Northcutt Dental only uses 100% porcelain crowns.

There are a number of materials such as metal alloys, ceramics, composite resin, and more that dentists will use to create a custom crown. Your Northcutt dentist only uses 100% porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-gold materials. We’ll take the time to look at where in your mouth you need a crown, the position of your gum tissue, the function of your damaged tooth, and more before we decided which one of these two options will work best for you. Both types of crowns are created specifically for you by our trusted labs so they look natural and function comfortably.

  1. Dental crowns are durable and affordable.

It will most likely take two appointments to get your new crown in place. Your Northcutt dentist will gently prepare your tooth so that the crown will fit perfectly. Next, we take a special impression for an exact model that will be used to create your custom crown in the lab. You’ll be fitted for a temporary crown while your new restoration is being created. When the permanent crown is complete and back from the lab, your dentist will cement it into place after making any necessary adjustments.

A tooth-colored, porcelain crown from Northcutt Dental can make your beautiful smile whole again. If you’re missing a tooth or struggling to enjoy the foods you love because of a broken tooth – it’s time you called your neighborhood Northcutt office. Schedule a consultation and let’s start the conversation about how a crown can work for you!

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