When we participate in athletics, we’re always sure to have all of the necessary safety equipment like shin guards, helmets, and tons of pads. But often times one crucial piece of protection is missing – sports mouth guards.

Although we see sports mouth guards being used by some types of sports more than others, they are recommended for all contact sports by both the American Dental Association and the Association for Sports Dentistry to protect your teeth and your mouth from dental injuries.

Some of the most common dental injuries result from contact sports and can include damage to your lips, tongue, gums, jaw, and of course, your teeth. But don’t worry; injuries to your mouth and teeth can often be avoided through use of a custom-made sports mouth guard.

Custom-made sports mouth guards from your Mobile dentist are the best protection for your mouth during any contact sport play. While other options for mouth guards are available, they don’t tend to protect as well and aren’t as comfortable as a custom-made mouth guard.

Stock mouth guards can’t be molded to fit your teeth and are loose in your mouth which isn’t effective at protecting your teeth. The boil and bite mouth guards that you find at your local sporting goods store are better, but they still don’t protect fully and are often easily bitten through, exposing your teeth to possible damage.

Custom-made sports mouth guards in Mobile are comfortable, durable and offer the highest level of protection. They can even decrease the likelihood of concussions and jaw fractures. If you’re playing a sport, want to start playing, or if your kids are gearing up to learn how to play, don’t forget to contact us to learn more about how custom sports mouth guards can help protect your mouth, and your smile.

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