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One of the biggest questions we hear from busy moms and dads has to do with something known as dental sealants. We figured now is a good a time as ever to answer this frequently asked question along with some others we’ve heard at our several locations (Bay Minette, Cottage Hill, Fairhope, Semmes, Helena and Hoover) in the Gulf Coast Alabama and Birmingham neighborhoods. So, get ready to listen and learn about how important sealants can be for your family’s teeth.

Should My Family Have Sealants on Their Teeth?

Before we answer this question, let’s take a moment to understand exactly what sealants are and what job they have when it comes to keeping teeth disease free. The Northcutt Dental team agrees that sealants are, by far, one of the most valuable dental treatments available for your smile.

Sealants are particularly important for helping to protect your molars because they’re hard to reach during brushing and tend to have more spaces where bacteria hang out. They are also very helpful at protecting your children’s teeth, but they can and should be applied to adult teeth too! The application process is short and painless. Sealants generally last for many years, (unless you tend to grind or clench your teeth) so the protection will be long-lasting.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied to My Teeth?

After your teeth or your child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned, we’ll prepare them for sealant application. This includes putting a safe, non-toxic acid solution on your teeth so that the sealant material has something to stick too. The acid will not damage your teeth or cause you any discomfort. Next, we’ll apply the tooth-colored sealant directly to each one of your teeth individually, brushing it directly onto the tooth’s entire surface. The solution goes to work fast, filling in depressions and grooves in your teeth where bad bacteria like to live and cause cavities in just a matter of minutes.

Are you considering sealants for your teeth or for your child? Don’t hesitate to call or reach out to your neighborhood Northcutt Dental office. We’re always happy to discuss the variety of ways and the treatments we have that are specially designed to add extra protection to your comprehensive dental routine. Give us a call and schedule a visit with Northcutt Dental, today!

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