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Your Benefits Could Expire at The End of This Month

All good things must come to an end – like 2018 and your dental health benefits. Because we’re coming down to the wire with how much time is left before the calendar changes to 2019, we thought we’d take another opportunity to remind how important it is to take advantage of your insurance benefits at your neighborhood Northcutt Dental office in Baldwin County and Birmingham. We’ve got six conveniently, famously family-friendly locations that are ready to welcome you with welcome arms.

Here’s how it all breaks down: Most dental insurance plans don’t allow benefits to carry over into the next calendar year. Every year you work hard to earn your dental health benefits, and if you wait around to use them, chances are you’re going to lose them. If your dental insurance plan follows the calendar year, you’ll want to think about these things and consider if you’ve been able to make the most of your unused insurance benefits before it’s too late!

  1. It’s Your Money. Don’t Waste it!

A report from the National Association of Dental Plans shows that Americans who have dental insurance coverage are more likely to have regularly scheduled cleanings, invest in restorative dentistry, take their family to the dentist, and live healthier lives. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your coverage and always make sure you’re making the most of what you’re paying for every year. If you use your dental benefits before the end of the year, you can save your family a lot of cash! Did you know that dental insurance companies LOVE patients who choose not to use their benefits? They make millions off of people who prefer to avoid seeing their dentist in Greater Birmingham. Your insurance company isn’t going to remind you to use the benefits, and do you have the time to find your paperwork to see what coverage you have remaining. Give Northcutt Dental a call! We can work with you and your insurance company to determine what you need to use before you lose it!

  1. Avoid Deductible Trouble

What is a deductible, anyway? It’s the amount of money that you have to pay the dentist out of your pocket before your insurance provider will pay for any treatment. It’s important to know your deductible and how it applies if you have dental insurance coverage for other family members on the same plan. Fees tend to vary depending on provider specifications, and they may charge you more if you choose to see a dentist who’s not part of their network. Your deductible is going to start all over again when your plan rolls over, which could be at the end of this month! If you’ve met your deductible, now’s the time to schedule your cleaning or that treatment you’ve been putting off so that your insurance can help cover the cost.

  1. You Pay For Your Insurance. Use it!

Every month you either send a check to your insurance company to keep your coverage, or it comes directly out of your paycheck. If you never see the dentist or don’t use the benefits, that money is going straight to your insurance company instead of helping you and your family. The insurance company loves this! Your Northcutt dentist will tell you that even if you don’t need dental treatment, it’s especially important to keep up with cleanings every six months. Even if it’s all you do, it’s going to help you and your smile stay healthy for years to come.

  1. Waiting Can Make Things Worse & Cost More

Whether or not you have dental insurance, it’s never a good idea to put off seeing the dentist for any reason. By getting the help you need sooner rather than later, you can prevent further damage and deterioration in the future. This is going to save your smile and save your bank account too! Preventive dental care is way less extensive and expensive than more in-depth dental treatments. Think about it like this: Avoiding fixing a cavity today, could mean you’ll need a root canal tomorrow.

Are You Ready to Make The Call?

Are you trying to remember what your dental coverage says about expiring benefits? Are you wondering if you met your deductible but never got around to taking advantage of it? Will you have to start all over come January 1?

Call us! We make it extremely easy and convenient to check your benefits and be proactive about your oral health. We want you to look and feel you’re very best, beginning with your mouth and teeth. Call your neighborhood Northcutt Dental office, today so that we can chat. And don’t forget, we’re always accepting new patients in our dental offices in Fairhope, Semmes, Helena, Hoover, Cottage Hill, and Bay Minette. Let us help you get the comprehensive dental care you’re entitled to!

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