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Don’t Let Them Go to Waste

Around this time of year at our Northcutt Dental offices across Birmingham and Baldwin County, patients always want to know if they’re dental benefits are going expire at the end of the year, what that means, and what they need to do.

Since it’s already November and 2018 is coming to a close, we thought we’d take a moment to address this common question and remind you that you could be missing out on making the most of your dental insurance.

Dental Benefits Demystified

We all know there are a couple of ways you can get dental insurance coverage. It can be offered as part of your employment package at your job or you can purchase insurance on your through online marketplaces for insurance providers as created by the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of how you have your dental benefits set up, someone is paying the premium amount and if you’re not visiting the dentist, those dollars simply go to waste. That’s why now’s a good time to assess your dental health needs and give your neighborhood Northcutt office a call! We’re happy to take a look at your coverage and help you figure out where you and your family stand. Many dental insurance providers will tell you that your benefits expire on December 31. You won’t be able to use them when the calendar changes to 2019 and that means money down the drain.

FACT: The National Association of Dental Plans estimates that just 2.8& of PPO dental plan participants reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum.

Remember you’re provided a certain dollar amount of benefits for the year. If you don’t use them, you’re going to lose them. It’s just that simple. Many people have no idea they stand to lose their unused benefits and end up allowing all the money to stay in your insurance company’s bank account. We don’t let insurance dictate what kind of treatment we recommend for you, but if you have something that you need complete or still have something that concerns you – now is your chance to do something about it!

Are You Ready to Make The Call?

Are you trying to remember what your dental coverage says about expiring benefits? Are you wondering if you met your deductible but never got around to actually taking advantage of it? Will you have to start all over come January 1?

Call us! We make it extremely easy and convenient to check your benefits and be proactive about your oral health. We want you to look and feel your very best, beginning with your mouth and teeth. Call your neighborhood Northcutt Dental office in Baldwin County, today, so we can chat. And don’t forget, we’re always accepting new patients in our dental offices in Fairhope, Semmes, Helena, Hoover, Cottage Hill, and Bay Minette. Let us help you get the comprehensive dental care you’re entitled to!

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