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Time for A Shout Out to All The Dental Hygienists!

Ask any of our patients (and our doctors), and they’ll be sure to tell you that Northcutt Dental has some of the very best dental hygienists in Baldwin County and Birmingham. Every single one of them is 100% dedicated to helping you and your smile be healthy. Our talented, experienced team of dental hygienists understands how crucial it is to maintain your oral health and it’s direct connection to the rest of your body. In honor of National Dental Hygiene month, let’s take a moment to learn more about them and the vital work they do.

What Does A Dental Hygienist Do?

Besides your Northcutt Dental dentist, there’s an entire team who works tirelessly to make sure your experience with us is comfortable, convenient, and affordable. Our dental hygienists are usually busy at all six of our dental offices in Cottage Hill, Bay Minette, Semmes, Fairhope, Helena, and Hoover doing any or all of these things:

– Cleaning teeth

– Examining patients mouths

– Identifying signs of gum disease

– Providing other preventive dental care

– Educating patients on ways to keep their smile healthy

It’s estimated that the number of dental hygienists is expected to grow by up to 20% between now and 2026, which is much faster than average for other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. There will be a higher demand for dental health care services as the population grows older and more evidence is uncovered about the direct link between our oral and overall health.

I Want My Teeth to Be Really Clean! How Can Northcutt Hygienists Help Me?

You know that feeling. When you leave your dental appointment, and your teeth are so clean, so smooth that you want to smile at everyone you see. There’s nothing like it! That’s the handy work of your Northcutt dental hygienist.

They’ll go out of their way to make sure your gums and teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar because no one (especially us) wants cavities or gum disease to form. You should plan on seeing our hygienists smiling faces twice a year or every six months for a friendly chat and a thorough, gentle cleaning.

We’ve Got Some Pretty Cool Tools Too…

We pride ourselves on providing famously friendly family dentistry that’s safe and effective, especially when it comes to preventive dental care and teeth cleanings. That’s why our hygienists are equipped with a variety of advanced tools and technology available in dentistry today. Our hygienists rely on Cavitron and Piezo ultrasonic scalers. They’re able to use high-frequency sonic waves and a blast of water to remove bad bacteria and build-up on your teeth and gums. It’s our unique way of keeping you and your smile healthy! Your smile will feel incredible, look amazing, and be protected for years to come.

If you’re not a patient and want to experience the Northcutt Dental difference for yourself or your family, please call your neighborhood office. We’ve got multiple state-of-the-art locations in Cottage Hill, Bay Minette, Semmes, Fairhope, Helena, and Hoover. And we love seeing new smiling faces at all of them! If you’re an existing patient, don’t forget to schedule your next cleaning with your favorite Northcutt dental hygienist before your dental insurance benefits expire at the end of the year.

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